Mandatory vaccination laws cause…child prostitution?

I’ll bet that you thought that the purpose of laws requiring children to be vaccinated was to prevent dangerous diseases from maiming and killing our youth.

Silly you.

As it turns out, the purpose of mandatory vaccinations laws is to provide the government with children for prostitution.  Let me explain.

There’s an attorney in Piermont (Rockland County), New York, by the name of Patricia Finn.  She bills herself as an anti-vaccine lawyer.  In fact, the title of her website, which shows up as a link in Google search results for her name, is “Rockland County Vaccine Exemption Lawyers.”  Finn went public with a claim that she had been served with “papers to suspend [her] license to practice law.”  She also claimed that she was “being ordered” to disclose the names of clients of hers who did not vaccinate her children.

Enter our hero, Mike Adams, “The Health Ranger.”  In a post on his blog on his website,, he predicts that the end result of this will be that the State of New York will sell unvaccinated children into sex slavery:

[The demand for Finn’s client’s names] could serve as the starting point for New York State to dispatch CPS [Child Protective Services] workers to the homes of all of Finn’s clients, where their children might be kidnapped by CPS and sold into sex slavery (this is a common behavior of CPS workers across the country, where low-income children simply “disappear” into the system and suffer ongoing sexual abuse by state workers or even high-paying clients, similar to what happened at Penn State).  I don’t have the space to go into all the evidence that CPS functions as a child kidnapping and sex slavery ring, but the organization isn’t called “Communist Pedophile Services” for no reasons.

Actually, Mr. Ranger, the organization isn’t called “Communist Pedophile Services” at all.  A Google search revealed no uses of that phrase other than your own (and several blogs that copied yours).

So, there you have it.  Mandatory vaccine laws caused Attorney Patricia Finn to be investigated and forced to turn over her client list, which will be given to Child Protective Services so that they can kidnap unvaccinated kids to be sold into sex slavery.

Why would CPS go to all of this trouble to obtain sex slaves if they just go around kidnapping kids anyway?  Do unvaccinated kids make better sex slaves than vaccinated kids?

I tried to obtain official information on the investigation into Ms. Finn, but, as I expected, officials in New York could not share any information.  Under New York law, all documents and information relating to the investigation are confidential unless and until the courts find that the allegations (whatever they are) are true and imposes some disciplinary action.  I will be emailing Patricia Finn to ask her for copies of the documents with which she was served.  Mike Adams claims to have seen them, so they must exist.  Anybody want to enter into a friendly wager on whether she will share the documents with skeptics?

A big thanks to Skewed Distribution for the information on these developments.



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9 responses to “Mandatory vaccination laws cause…child prostitution?

  1. Loved this post. The sex slavery thing…wowza. That blew me away. This Mike Adams character is a piece of work, isn’t he?

    Let me know how your request for the document goes, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted if I hear anything new about Ms. Finn.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful pop-eyed straw-in-the-hair lunacy. Adams passed the Sanity Event Horizon long ago, that much is clear.

    I’d love to know what was in those documlents too. Either it’s really boring stuff, and Finn has blown it up out of proportion as these people often do, or else it’s really juicy and with any luck it’ll get to the courts and help publicly expose the antivax zongos for the antisocial arseholes they are.

  3. Ren

    One flew east… One flew west… This one, well, you know.

  4. Mike Brewster

    Are you at all alarmed that the attorney in question is being asked to give the names of all of her clients? IMHO that seems more worthy of comment then a blogger’s hyperbole.

    • Personally, I’m not worried. If it’s something that’s really not permissible or will lead to child slavery (as if), thEn the courts will deal with it. It’s more worthy to point out the stupidity in those who have thousands of followers thAn the paranoia about Big Bad Voodoo Government.

      • Mike Brewster

        The topic was pederasty, not pedantry, but your less-than-subtle correction is noted. There isn’t an edit button on these comments

    • Actually, I thought it a little odd at what appears to be an early stage of the proceedings, but I am not at all worried. Often, when a lawyer is suspended, she must notify all clients of the suspension. Maybe the purpose of the request was to help enforce that requirement if she is indeed suspended. Or, maybe she made some claim about having so many clients, and the grievance committee is looking for information to verify (or not) that claim.

      Until I see the request and its context, it’s hard to know why it was made. But there are several valid reasons that the request could have been made, so I’m not worried.

      Plus, the law protects the identities of the clients. Attorney disciplinary proceedings are confidential (especially so in New York, apparently), and investigatory agencies routinely have access to confidential client information. Because the purpose of the process is to protect the public and especially clients, any client information is protected very well.

    • Nope. If she’s talking about people she’s represented in court, then it’s a matter of public record anyway. After filtering for the usual rhetoric, I suspect she’s just being told she must back up her claims in some area.

      Clients’ names aren’t necessarily confidential for an attorney; what is confidential (until brought to court) is the work you’re doing for them.

  5. Per my promise, I have updated my blog with the text of the letter. It looks like the hypotheses presented here were 100% on target. Well done.

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